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Effic is a leadership development company named after the now world famous Effic Method. The Effic Method is an effective holistic load management methodology that is backed by holistic doctors and mental health practitioners. In other words it’s a process to efficiently manage your time, tasks and energy so you can achieve high performance without the burnout. Our mission at Effic is to end burnout in business, one leader and workplace at a time.

Effic was founded in 2016 by Dave Ruel, a Serial Entrepreneur who has founded several 7-figure online companies. After going through entrepreneurial burnout and recovering from it by creating efficient systems around his life and work, Dave did not only protect himself from burnout but also sustainably performs at a high level (he covers his whole journey in his book: Burned Out). Assisted by his wife Karine, a psychotherapist and now vice-president of the company, he created Effic to help other ambitious and hard working humans live burnout-free, perform at their best while living a fulfilled personal and professional life.

Dave is now an internationally recognized leader on burnout prevention and mental health advocate in the workplace.

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Our Mission is simple: eliminate burnout in business to help teams and their leaders live burnout-free, perform at their best while living a fulfilled life. In a competitive and high stress modern business world, busy professionals are often facing major overwhelm, deteriorating health (physical and mental) and low performance, costing organizations billions every year. To beat this, we have developed a game-changing holistic workload management methodology that helps ambitious humans  efficiently manage their Time, Task & Energy and unlock burnout-free, sustainable, performance. Whether you are looking for training, coaching or consulting, we have you covered.



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