Bad Managers Burn Out Their Teams.

The Best Leaders Invest In Them.

Leading Your Team To Burnout-Free High Performance Is The Fastest Way
To Increase Speed, Productivity and Game-Changing Results

Your Team Is Your
Valuable Asset.

Investing In Them Is The Key

To Sustainable Growth….   

That’s because we focus on the strategies and the underlying elements

of successful team leadership and human performance, rather than

the tactics and surface level productivity practices you read about

on some blog post somewhere.

Here are our options for working together…


The Effic Team™ 1-Day Workshop

Effic’s flagship experience – A hands-on, implementation workshop with your team where you work directly with Dave Ruel who will go through the complete Effic Method with your team and set up their complete burnout-free high performance plan so they can leave with a complete 90-day plan to efficiently manage their time, tasks and energy.  It’s a workshop done with you live and in person.


  • Minimum 8 Team Members per workshop.
  • Must provide training space (If you don’t have one, we can help you get one)
  • Looking to accelerate your team’s performance using a proven time, task and energy management process


The Effic Leader™ Coaching

Program with Dave Ruel

A 90-day Human-KPI based Executive Leadership coaching program with Dave Ruel. This 1-on-1 coaching program is designed for managers who want to develop a healthy performance culture within their team while displaying strong and inspirational leadership that team members will be highly motivated to follow. This program is also for HR professionals who want to coach leaders within their organization or who are responsible for managing teams.


  • Must be leading a team of minimum 8 people
  • Must be coachable and available for weekly calls
  • Ready to implement new high performance habits and systems
  • On application only, please click on the “Apply Here” button below to fill up the application form


The Effic Certified Partner™ Certification Program

*COMING SOON* Become certified and authorized to train and coach using the Effic Method. This certification program is specifically designed for trainers, coaches, consultants, and business leaders who help others reach their full potential by efficiently managing time, tasks & energy to unlock burnout-free performance using out 90-day system,


  • Must be a coach, consultant or team leader
  • Wants to teach the method to their clients or wants to plug their signature system into the Effic Framework
  • Looking to accelerate your client or team results using a proven time, task and energy management process



When you want a powerful message delivered to busy professionals or organizations who want to grow sustainably without the overwhelm, Dave delivers! For more information about having Dave speak at your next event visit our Speaking page.