Dave Ruel

    Former competitive physique athlete turned serial entrepreneur. After creating 3 multi-million dollar online companies, Dave founded Effic, a company that helps entrepreneurs maximize their productivity and performance.

      Chris Lopez

      Coach, entrepreneur, a happily married husband and a Father of 5 amazing kids. Chris helps ambitious people transform their physique, optimize their lifestyle & improve their relationships.


      The Done-By-Noon Podcast is a show for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more by noon than others in a full day. Serial entrepeneur Dave Ruel and his co-host Chris Lopez share the strategies that will help you optimize your Productivity, Performance and Lifestyle so you can reach new heights in your Business and Life.

      015: The Truth About Online Businesses

      When people imagine running an online business, the image of “relaxing by the beach, laptop in lap” often comes to mind. While that scenario isn’t impossible, it’s a bit of a fantasy. Growing a business,…